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HOMEOWNERS COVERAGE has long been available to provide all of the essential property and liability insurance for owners of homes and tenants of residential buildings.

Homeowners policies are designed for the owner-occupant of a home to cover the dwelling building, personal possessions other than automobile and certain specifically excluded items, and personal liability. A policy may also be written to provide package protection for apartment and dwelling renters and condominium and townhouse unit-owners. A number of endorsements are available to extend or apply coverage for specific circumstances.

is similar to the HO 02 in covering a described dwelling, private structures and unscheduled personal property on and away from the premises. Additional living expense and rental value is also covered. The difference is that the dwelling and private structures are covered for loss due to direct physical damage except as excluded instead of the named broad causes of loss. Personal liability insurance, including medical payments coverage and physical damage to property of others coverage, completes the package.

is very similar to the unscheduled personal property, the additional living expense, and the rental value coverages under the HO 02 and the HO 03 forms. It may be issued to a tenant of a dwelling or an apartment. It is also available to insure an owner-occupant of a dwelling, or of a building containing an apartment, who is not otherwise eligible for a homeowners policy. Liability protection, including medical payments and physical damage to property of others coverage, completes the package.

HO 05-HOMEOWNERS COMPREHENSIVE FORM insures against risks of direct physical loss to covered structures and unscheduled personal property. The protection is subject only to the exclusion of named sources of loss. Liability protection, including medical payments and physical damage to property of others coverage, completes the package.

HO 06-CONDOMINIUM UNIT OWNERS FORM provides coverage for the defined property for which a unit-owner is responsible to insure under the condominium association bylaws and activities of the owner of a condominium unit. The coverage is comparable to that afforded an apartment tenant under a tenants (contents) broad form, but modified for the special conditions identified with condominium living. This form meshes with insurance carried by a condominium association for the structure and the risks jointly shared by all of the unit-owners. Loss assessment coverage, reimbursing the insured for his or her share of an uninsured loss to collectively owned property, is an option.

valuation is available to convert adjustment under Coverage C of homeowners policies from an actual cash value basis to full present replacement cost. This is a very important endorsement to recommend because most insureds will not want to replace old with old.

PERSONAL ARTICLES FLOATER provides coverage on an “all risk” basis for household personal property that is subject to limitations in the property coverage form. Items that are often scheduled are jewelry, furs, cameras, musical instruments, silverware and similar types of property.

HOME BASED BUSINESS COVERAGE is available by endorsement for certain types of business exposures. Most business pursuits are excluded from homeowners policies but by endorsement liability and medical payments coverage can be expanded to include the described activities.
ORDINANCE OR LAW COVERAGE. The standard unendorsed ISO building and personal

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