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PERSONAL AUTO POLICY provides protection under four coverage parts.

Liability coverage is a single-limit and protects the insured against most auto-related lawsuits. Medical payments covers expenses incurred by an insured within three years from the date of an accident. Uninsured motorists coverage and underinsured motorists coverage must be offered in most states based on state mandate and may not be rejected in many states. There are also requirements as to the minimum limits. Physical damage coverage is a single insuring agreement with both comprehensive and collision coverage. Endorsements are available for motorcycles, motor homes, snowmobiles and other recreational type vehicles. A personal auto policy may be written for a named nonowner as well as an owner.

ANTIQUE AND CLASSIC AUTOMOBILE COVERAGE is available when a vehicle is owned more for show than use. An antique automobile is defined in the automobile rate manual as a motor vehicle of the private passenger type; more than 25 years old; maintained solely for use in exhibitions, club activities, parades and other functions of public interest; and occasionally used for other purposes. It may not be used primarily for the transportation of passengers or goods. Liability rates are generally much less than the manual liability rate due to the limited use of such cars. Physical damage coverages are insured on a stated-amount basis. Generally, the policy covers all risks of physical loss or damage to the car from external causes (comprehensive), subject to a deductible.


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