Insurance Articles and Publications

License Requirements

What are the licensing requirements for an insurance agent, and what do all those abbreviations mean on my agent’s business card?

Legal Obligation

Are you legally obligated to carry any insurance when starting a corporation?

Landlord General Liability

I rent office space in a multi-tenant commercial building. Who pays if a visitor to our business gets injured in a common area of the building (ex: stairway), prior to actually setting foot into our space?

“What is KEY PERSON insurance”?

Simply put, Key Person insurance is life insurance purchased on any key individual in an organization. Any one of several types of life insurance (Term, Universal Life, Universal Variable Life, etc.) can be used for this purpose (there is not enough space in this column to describe the differences at this time).

Intellectual Property

Is insurance coverage available to protect my intellectual property?

E-commerce has entered the mainstream of international business and is growing rapidly. Success in this marketplace is based on the ingenuity and development of new processes and applications. Competition is fierce to be the first to develop and sell new products and ideas.

Internet Insurance

Internet Insurance is Available

The world of electronic communication has brought everyone together in a single digital neighborhood and paved the way for myriad technological breakthroughs. But there are risks. Losses can result from data damage, denial of service attacks, electronic theft and more.

Insurance Premiums

What can we expect to happen to our insurance premiums in the coming year?

E&O Insurance

What are the basics of ERRORS & OMISSIONS insurance, and why might I need it?

D&O Insurance

“I am in the process of changing my company from a sole proprietorship to a corporation, mainly because of the fact that I am giving ownership shares to my key employees. Being a corporation requires that we have a Board of Directors. Myself, and other potential Directors are curious about our liability exposure that comes with that role, and whether there is protection (i.e., insurance) for such?”

Car Rentals

When I am traveling on business, I always run into the “should I pay for the insurance” question while renting a car. Can you explain to me what is covered by my credit card; what is covered by my own policy…in other words, should I or shouldn’t I pay this daily charge?

Bid Bonds

Our company develops and maintains websites. We are considering bidding on a municipal contract which requires a bid bond. Where can we obtain such a bond and what exactly is it?

Losses From Power Failures

Is insurance coverage available to protect my business from losses caused by power failures like the one we just experienced in the Northeast?

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