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Internet Insurance is Available

The world of electronic communication has brought everyone together in a single digital neighborhood and paved the way for myriad technological breakthroughs. But there are risks. Losses can result from data damage, denial of service attacks, electronic theft and more.

According to cyber experts, most companies are operating in a 21st century risk environment with 20th century insurance coverage. This risk is real. And it’s growing. Cyber incidents between 2000 and 2002 rose from nearly 22,000 to more than 82,000.

Today, a standard business property policy may cover your computer in case of fire, theft or vandalism, but if a virus wipes out your customer data or a hacker cracks your financial records, you won’t be covered.

These risks are excluded from standard commercial insurance policies. However, there are comprehensive stand-alone policies, which cover:
Loss of data – for damage to or destruction of information due to viruses.
Business interruption – for loss of income due to a network attack.
Liability – for defense costs resulting from computer related financial or data losses.
Public relations – for public relations costs associated with a cyber attack.
Identity theft – for access to an identity theft call center.

Coverage needed is determined largely by the technology you use, the extent to which it’s implemented and its importance to your business.

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