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Cyber Related Coverage
Technology Companies have exposures not typically covered by traditional insurance policies. General Liability Policies cover claims of bodily injury and property damage only, and typically excludes coverage for claims related to the delivery of professional services and privacy and security breaches. Technology Errors and Omissions Liability protects your company from claims if your client holds you responsible for programming errors, software performance, or the failure of your work to perform as promised in your contract.

Coverage includes legal defense costs - no matter how baseless the allegations. Errors and Omissions insurance will pay for any resulting judgments against you, including court costs, up to the coverage limits on your policy.

There are numerous ways to address these issues through specialized coverages.

Technology E&O Coverage

Errors and omissions liability (E&O) insurance provides essential protection to help protect a company’s assets when standard General Liability insurance does not. Specifically, it can help protect a company against claims for financial injury that allege a product failed or the company failed to perform services, causing a loss of use of tangible or intangible property to others.

Notification and other direct costs due to a loss of private information

47 US States and Jurisdictions have privacy breach notification laws.  Federal Privacy Laws are raising the bar too.  Non-compliance could result in regulatory action.

First Party coverage for expenses the insured incurs for notification for privacy breaches, privacy law non–compliance remediation cost, regulatory costs, credit monitoring costs & data restorations losses.

Crisis Management

First party coverage for an insured to hire a pre-approved public relations form to manage communications surrounding a covered crisis event.  Strategic management of the communications surrounding a crisis can be critical in mitigating potential damages to a company’s reputation

Security & Privacy Liability Insurance

Responds to important third party liability for claims arising from a failure either of the insured’s network security or to protect personally identifiable information from misappropriation.

Network Business Interruption Insurance

Responds to an insured’s loss of income and operating expenses when business operations are interrupted or suspended due to a failure of network security

Cyber Extortion Insurance

Pays to settle network security related demands made against the insured

Media Content Insurance

Addresses the liability faced by companies that develop or distribute media content

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