Business Insurance

General Coverages
LICENSE AND PERMIT BONDS are as numerous as the regulations affecting commercial activities. When a governmental entity requires an individual or business to obtain a permit or a license to perform an action or service, a bond is normally required to guarantee that the licensee or permit holder will perform as promised.

DESTRUCTION OF ELECTRONIC DATA OR COMPUTER PROGRAMS COVERAGE pays costs incurred by the insured to restore or replace damaged or destroyed electronic data or computer programs. Coverage is limited and applies only to data or programs stored within the computer system. The loss or damage can be from an external source or from the actions of an employee, manager, director, trustee, representative or official of the insured. The damage or destruction must result directly from either a computer virus designed to damage or destroy electronic data or computer programs or from vandalism to electronic data or computer programs by a person with unauthorized access to the computer system.

FIDUCIARIES LIABILITY (PENSION, WELFARE AND EMPLOYEE BENEFIT FUNDS) COVERAGE protects trustees and fiduciaries of pension, welfare and employee benefits plans from personal liability under the Pension Reform Act of 1974. Certain provisions of the act established new standards for prudent action by fiduciaries. The act permits the purchase of insurance out of the assets of the plan or trust to protect the plan and its fiduciaries, as long as the insurer permits recourse against the individual trustee.


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