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Crime / Employee Theft Coverage
EMPLOYEE THEFT COVERAGE is the insuring agreement that applies to employee theft losses involving money, securities and other property.

It covers the unlawful taking of covered insured property by employees. Coverage applies regardless of the number of employees involved in the loss. This is an important point, since the limit of insurance applies to each act, and not to each employee. This is the only coverage that applies to dishonest acts of employees. Coverage is provided using either a standard ISO form or a Surety & Fidelity Association of America form.

applies to money, securities and other property fraudulently transferred from the insured premises or banking premises to a location other than the insured premises or the banking premises. Coverage is worldwide.
FUNDS TRANSFER FRAUD COVERAGE is the insuring agreement that provides coverage for loss of funds resulting directly from fraudulent instruction to a financial institution to transfer, pay or deliver funds from the insured’s transfer account. The fraudulent instruction must be from someone other than an employee of the insured.

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