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Business Automobile
BUSINESS AUTO COVERAGE provides scheduled liability and physical damage coverages without the need for numerous additional forms and endorsements.

Liability coverage is available for scheduled autos, owned autos only, all autos owned, leased or hired by the insured, or all autos, including the exposure of autos owned by employees or partners and used on behalf of the insured. The third option provides the broadest protection.

Optional physical damage coverages available include collision, comprehensive, coverage that applies to loss from any cause except collision or overturn, subject to a few exclusions, and specified causes of loss coverage, a less expensive alternative to comprehensive coverage paying for loss caused by named perils.

NONOWNERSHIP AUTOMOBILE COVERAGE protects the insured to the extent of liability imposed by law and within policy limits against claims for accidents due to employees, partners or other agents operating their own automobiles in the course of the insured’s business.

HIRED CARS rented or hired by the business for the operator can be insured to cover the liability exposure for their operation. A hired physical damage option is also available.

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