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Additional Liability Coverages
EMPLOYEE BENEFITS LIABILITY COVERAGE addresses the requirements of employers to provide their employees with information about the benefits available to them. This form provides coverage for damages that result when an employer does not fulfill its notification requirements and the employee is denied access to benefits he or she could have received.

OWNERS AND CONTRACTORS PROTECTIVE (OCP) LIABILITY COVERAGE is designed to protect either a property/business owner or a general contractor for the potential liability exposure resulting from the negligent act of a subcontractor or an independent contractor hired to perform work on the insured’s behalf. The independent or subcontractor is the actual purchaser of the policy but the protection is for the insured property/business owner or the general contractor for whom the work is being done. Coverage is limited to a specific location and project.

PRODUCT RECALL or PRODUCT WITHDRAWAL EXPENSE COVERAGE fills the gap caused by the CGL product recall exclusion. This insurance covers the expenses incurred by the insured when it conducts mandated and voluntary product recalls.

RAILROAD PROTECTIVE LIABILITY COVERAGE is a limited coverage liability policy that buys back coverage for construction and demolition projects at or near railroad properties that are excluded under a commercial general liability policy. Coverage is provided for the benefit of the railroad company and is used only for construction or demolition projects that are at or near railroad properties, including railroad tracks, beds, trestles, tunnels and the like. The policy is purchased by the contractor performing the work on behalf of the insured.

is available for festivals and similar events. This coverage is available from specialty insurance markets when all-inclusive general liability insurance does not apply. It should be considered to shield the standard operation’s CGL limits from being exhausted by a special activity.

FOREIGN INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS. Americans require automobile insurance for owned or rented automobiles that complies with applicable local laws. U.S.-based auto insurance does not extend to any country other than Canada. Homeowners policies may be adequate for the foreign traveler because personal belongings and liability exposures are covered globally. However the person living abroad in a specific location for an extended period should review potential gaps in coverage due to that particular location’s laws and regulations.

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